2013 Hair Timeline

Hair Evolution

Week 14: Open a blog and talk about your haircut

Here are some pictures of my hair since January 2013.  There were some different hairstyles beforehand, but as I changed my hair so much this year, I thought these pictures would be enough.  Now what can I say about it. People ask me why I dye it differently or why I cut it short. The answer is that I like trying different things out and see what suits me and what doesn’t. Also  it trained me to not care about how judgemental people can be about your looks.  Some of the pictures are transition phases to a final colour. The brown between pink and blond again was an emergency colour for work as pink wasn’t really acceptable and I didn’t have the time to find another solution other than just dying it brown. For the record the pink should have been a dark aubergine, which you have been more neutral enough for work. However right now I am sticking to my blonde.

So I guess this is challenge 14 done!


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