Week 1: Start your own blog.

Last week I celebrated my 21st birthday. For the occasion I asked some of my friends to write some challenges on a playing card pack for the following year. Because we were already a week into me being 21, it was decided to only write on 51 cards, representing the next 51 weeks until my next birthday.

While I was 20, I learned a lot about life and myself, which I guess is a natural thing to do since we are all intelligent animals able to learn from experiences and mistakes. Anyway, I noticed that most of those life insights occured when I let myself do things outside my comfort zone. So I wanted for my birthday to make a list with things to do for the following year that would allow me to outgrow myself (deep words here). A list I can cross off over the year so I am aware of what I have done and still have to do. At the beginning the plan was to do the list myself but then after watching a random episode of some TV show on TV I changed my mind. It was new Year’s Eve on that episode and the family decided to write resolutions for each other rather than writing some for oneself. I really liked the idea for two reasons:

1) Other people might find more interesting challenges for you and are not manipulated by your own mind.

2) The extra pressure to actually accomplish the tasks. If someone challenges/dares you to do something, you are more likely to do it. (Probably because you can hide behind them by saying they told you to do something.)

With the idea stuck in my head I went on and I asked my friends to challenge me! (They wrote the cards with the opposite hand they usually use, so I would not recognise their handwriting. Genius, right?)

Now back to this blog. What is the purpose of this?

One of the cards says “Start your own blog”. So I thought I would start with that card and use the blog to document the upcoming challenges on this blog. This way I actually have a regular input and the blog won’t be empty after only one post. Also, it is a great way to keep track of the challenges and show the accomplished ones to my friends.

Every post will be a challenge with a picture of the card and a proof picture. Here we go!

One card down. 50 to go!

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