Week 3: Naked for 24 hours.

This week, we play the ace of hearts and things are getting a bit more exciting. Nudity is in the game. I bet at this point you already scrolled down to see if there are any naked pictures of me. Sorry to disappoint you, but nobody can blame me for at least trying to be creative.  
Of course, when I thought of asking my friends to find some challenges for me, I knew that there would be some “weird” things coming up… Specially if only a hand full of people (actually it was a bit more) have to think of 51 different challenges; there will be actions that appear slightly less genius. Another point is that those challenges could be seen as not being outgrowing at all but just plain stupid. Since the self-development idea was the point of the whole game, I gave the game and outrgrowing concept a better thought and this is what I came out with:
First of all, looking at the a larger perspective, the main challenge here is to go through all those cards within a year. Sticking to a project or resolution is something that needs dedication and willpower. Those two skills are an essential base for any change you want to have in your life. Thus, even if the different challenges seem stupid, they count for the big picture.
Secondly, sometimes the simple action of doing anything that isn’t included in your everyday life, can be beneficial at some extent. It can be an experience you haven’t done because it never occured to you, one that is outside your comfort zone or one that you just never came across to do. Also, saying yes to what at the beginning seems pointless to you, could have some kind of benefit, even if it is only to find out that the experience was completely pointless. You never know until you try, right? Surely a lot of people do those experiences you haven’t done in their daily life without giving them much thought of being outgrowing or challenging. Most of the times, you only see the rewards, if you think about it, which some people don’t. Anyway, the point is that any new experience comes with some kind of estimable lesson.

Thirdly, the main fear that is blocking people from doing silly things is the possible rejection or embarrassment. Facing this fear helps the person to get used to take some risks. By doing so, that person will automatically be open to more opportunites and life lessons; or even better: take risks to seek for those new chances.

Ok a lot of deep words here… I need to make myself a cup of tea!
Now back to this week’s challenge: “be naked during 24 successive hours”
Between the 13th and the 14th of August, I spent 24 hours in only my birth clothes. I used the stopwatch on my phone to count the hours, so as a proof you’ll find a screenshot of the time at the end of the post. If this proof isn’t enough for you, I suggest you make forty-three 360° turns and reflect on the subject. I admit I kind of took the easy exit for this as nobody was in the flat except from me and I knew that I would not need to step outside my front door. Well, it doesn’t say on the card that anyone has to see me during the 24 hours!
 yep that’s me! 
Some thoughts about the challenge: the most cringy thing about it was to sit down on a chair with my butt-naked butt for a longer period in this case several hours. I got over it fast, but personally I wouldn’t want to use a chair if I knew someone sat naked on it. Or maybe I would. Maybe it is the idea of my butt sitting on it naked that makes me uncomfortable…
I actually had some other things planned for this post, I was interested in looking more into how being naked can affect your self-esteem and confidence. Plus, I intended to make a new plan for the upcoming challenge posts. But since I got lost into the big sea of outgrowing thoughts and wrote a lot about that subject, I will leave those thoughts for some other time.
3 done, 48 to go!
Have an exciting week people!

And thanks to Christiana for the creepy Sims picture! 


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