Week 4: Adoption of an exotic animal.

After reading the cards, I knew that for some challenges I had to be creative and sort of work my way around it. This week’s challenge “Get an exotic pet” was one of them. I have never been a fan of terrarium animals or fish. And getting an illegal exotic monkey like Ross from Friends did, isn’t really an option for me. Another problem for this challenge is that living in a rented flat I am not allowed to have a pet and getting a new pet in my mom’s house and leave it there would be uncool.


 So I thought of another way to “get” a pet and support the animal kingdom. For three pounds a month (or even less) I can sponsor/adopt any exotic animal. When I researched this adoption subject, I found a lot websites. I chose to donate my money to WWF and adopt an Asian elephant. You have a variety of animals you can choose from, you get an adoption package with information on the animal and a cuddle toy if you want.

If you think about it, three pounds isn’t really much. It’s a sandwich you’re not going to pay for because you brought your own from home. It’s a Starbucks coffe/hot chocolate you decide not to get because after all you don’t wanna spend that money on it. It’s a pint of beer you are saving your hangover. It’s that skirt you decided to get on sale. There are plenty of examples like this. So this week I want to ask you a favour. I just want you to think about the whole three pounds “sacrifice” and encourage you to consider donating some money. It can be to any cause, let’s help save the world! (I bet your supermarket has a charity box next to the tilts.)

Now to the self-developmental benefit verdict. Remember, that even finding out that it is pointless is beneficial.

Getting a pet in general is considered to be beneficial for people (especially if you get one you can actually cuddle and pet as opposed to a giant spider). It also comes with commitment and responsibilities. In my case, I didn’t literally get a pet, so the responsibilities are, to be fair, absent, but I donated money for a good cause. I might only have gotten a certificate and elephant cuddle toy, but it was still a selfless act and that certainly brings some personality benefits. (Sarcasm started to hit me there.)

Here is the link to the WWF website, if you wanna have a look at it. Also, I would love to know if I inspired you to donate some money to any cause, so make sure to let me know!

4 done, 47 to go!


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