Week 5: Smoke a cigar.

Last week a friend moved out of his flat and wanted to celebrate his last party at the flat with a cigar. My chance to accomplish another of my missions!

So I went along, grabbed the cigar, grabbed the lighter, lit the cigar and smoked it. There we go, challenge done!

Personally, this challenge is one of my least favourites. It is an easy one, but to me nothing too special. I didn’t feel super cool holding the cigar like some people do. (Maybe a moustache would have helped. Or a hat?) It was just one of the cards that had to be done, and since there was an occasion to do it, I did it. But I liked the fact that I could accomplish this challenge spontaneously.

Smoking a cigar definitely counts as one of the more pointless challenges. The one thing I take from the experience is that I didn’t care about the health consequences and just enjoyed the moment.

For once in a while it is good to go a bit “yolo”, but better if it doesn’t have a negative impact on your health. This can of course be transferred to the “embarrassment fear principle”. Embarrassment is the consequence of some actions, and if you ignore this consequence, you just go ahead and do it, which is usually a good thing.

5 done, 46 to go!


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