Week 6: Join a Gym.


Joining a gym was already an aim of mine for the start of the new academic year. I had joined one last year as well, but decided to cancel the membership before summer because I moved to a flat closer to another gym closer which is also cheaper. So last week after swimming for an hour, I was really keen to exercise a lot, went ahead to the gym reception and got a membership for the gym and the swimming pool. Only after leaving the building, I realised that I accomplished another challenge, which increased my happiness level since I didn’t need to worry about what card to execute next. Again a spontaneous challenge done!

As this was something I already planned on doing, I didn’t really need to overcome any personal obstacles. It was therefore an easy task. A waste of a card that could have been another potential amazing challenge, you think? Nope. The fact that someone challenged me to join the gym and that I am writing about it here does change things.
It is no big knowledge to understand that the act of joining the gym  isn’t the whole point of the story. The big challenge here is to actually leave the house and go to the gym several times a week. Same for starting a blog, it becomes a pointless challenge if I don’t write posts or go exercise regularly.
My last gym experience had its ups and downs. There were phases when I’d regularly go and take classes to push myself and then there were the phases when I didn’t bother. The good phases were usually interrupted by a “busy” week when I wouldn’t go. After that week, motivation and determination were gone. Mainly because all the work I had done disappeared. Neglect sports and healthy diet for a week and your fitness is back to practically zero. Detraining principle (which is annoying.) Out of frustration I then eat a whole tube of Pringle’s instead of running on the treadmill for half an hour. Doesn’t really help, does it?
But I am not here to complain about my lousy exercise habit. Instead I am putting some extra pressure on me. This time someone challenged me and I am not going to have that person laugh at me at the end of the 51 weeks!
45 to go!