Week 8: Go Jogging at Sunrise.


The inspiring and liberating part of this challenge was definitely the sunrise! From my new flat it only takes me ten minutes by foot to get to the beach, so I decided that this card had to be executed there. The experience was breathtaking! I never realised how beautiful the sunrise at the beach could be and how it just brightens your day. (Literally.)

This challenge has a great impact. It asks me to exercise and to wake up early and leave the flat. Though the jogging part of the challenge was a bit lousy and not taken seriously, I think the fact of getting up and leaving the house was the real challenge here. In my experience it is the hardest step. It is like any chemical/biological reaction: once the energy threshold is met, the reaction occurs easily until it reaches its equilibrium. But you need to have the push to get to the threshold. And this applies to most actions in our lifes.

Pheoebe’s way of jogging
Rachel’s uptight jogging

What I mainly want to take from this challenge is to reduce the time I need to get to the energy threshold. I usually spend more time on saying that I need to do something and moaning about it than actually doing it. So I want to actively work on that, especially on two areas: exercising and studying. As a matter of fact I have been successful with that principle working on this blog, so yay me! (Acknowledging achievements.) Also, going to the beach more regularly will be a new goal.

At this point, I would love to link to a video that has inspired me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMtLopZXsbY

43 Challenges left!

,IMG_0541 IMG_0577 IMG_0589 IMG_0606


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