Week 10: Decide on a degree.

Every week, with every post, the insight into my life and personality gets slightly bigger. This week it is time to talk about university and what degree I am doing. Whoop Whoop!

Basically I study Biomedical Sciences in Scotland. From own experiences I can statistically say that a lot of you will cringe at those words and think it is hard. Really, don’t think that! It is as difficult as any degree, it just depends on your interest and your ability to learn. But everyone can do it. Advice from me: Next time someone tells you that they are studying something that sounds difficult to you, please don’t cringe and say “must be really hard”- it puts the other person in an uncomfortable position. I agree, it is not for everyone, but it is for me and it fascinates me to the core of my body. (Literally.)

To explain what the challenge is exactly about, I need to tell you that biomedical sciences is only the broad term for a soup full of smaller subjects. Alone at my university you can study five different subjects within the biomedical sciences degree. For the two first years it doesn’t really matter what you are doing since the courses are mostly all the same. But starting this year I need to be fixed on one degree and stick to it! To be honest, in the world of medical sciences it doesn’t matter what you graduate in, you can always change the direction of your career. It is more a matter of me doing the degree that I will enjoy the most.

This challenge was a bit unnecessary as I had to make this decision anyway, but it was without doubt the hardest I had to do so far. Everything is so interesting and having to exclude any areas makes me sad. However after filling my white board fully with notes twice, I finally made a decision and chose to do Developmental Biology, the science behind how an oocyte becomes a tiny human being!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 7.35.04 PM

41 cards to go!


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