Week 13: Join Yoga society and go.

 Flexibility. A concept that is unknown by my body. Seriously if I am able to reach even my knees, it is because I have been working on that for a month. (Exaggeration intended.) It is a sad thing, but fortunately I now have a challenge that is going to make me work on my flexibility and core strength. JOIN YOGA. YAY. The person who wrote the challenge was smart to write “and go” on the card and to underline it. If it wasn’t for those two words I could have easily cheated and tell you about how from the comfort of my chair at home I clicked a button to join the Yoga Society.


Let’s now talk about my previous yoga experiences. I did some yoga in high school for six weeks and attended one class at the gym last year – both experiences being around the sun salute.  It is safe to say that my experience was equal to null when I started doing yoga this week.

Our university has a Yoga Society. You pay a membership for a year and then you pay the classes you go to.  On Wednesdays, they do what they call …. Yoga which is more centered around core exercise and doing “crazy” postures. So I went along to that class and came out broken and in pain. But it was good as I had learned so much in that session.

1) If you are breathing, you are fine! This sentence is actually extremely relevant in my life.

2) We need to learn how to be babies again. Meaning that we need to learn how to overcome our fears of falling.

3)There are things that some people will find easy and you’ll find them hard, but other things will be hard for them and easy for you. the key is to not give up at the first obstacle and eventually you will find things less hard and then even easy.

Not giving up is the main message I take from this challenge. It was hard for me being in that class and not being able to just stretch my face onto the mat. Every muscle was hurting so much and I just wanted the session to end so I could go home and hide my head under the pillow. I wasn’t able to do what seemed to be the basic thing. I felt stupid (which I know is stupid). But then I managed to do things, other people found really hard and at that moment point 3 hit me in the face. And there I also decided that I wouldn’t give up. Because it doesn’t matter how stupid I feel during the class, I will feel much more stupid after realising how fast I quit.

Challenge 13 executed, 38 to go!


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