Week 14: Blog about Haircut.

This  week I had to fill in a job application form for an assignment for one course I have. Those forms really challenge you to reflect on all your actions and interests. The principle behind this blog is that I like to reflect on my actions and to use them as part of a bigger picture in this case my self-development. So I am used to reflect on events and actions, but filling in that form was annoying as I wasn’t really in the mood to dig deeper where my interest for sciences comes. Well things that are forced upon you are never as interesting as things that you do for your own will. Anyway this all has nothing to do with this week’s challenge, I just wanted to mention that reflection upon your actions might haunt you some day during your career! So if you have the time, have some thoughts on it.


The “challenge” this week is to start a blog about my haircut. I assume the person meant the different hairstyles/hair colours I have had. Since I already started a blog because of the challenges and I thought I would just add a Page onto this blog that is only about my hair. Oh, they feel really honoured to have an extra page for them! If you are interested in my hair timeline just go onto the hair page and have a look at it.

The difficulty level of this challenge is low. The only obstacle I really face here is that I am posting pictures of myself and talking about something as shallow as the looks of my hair. But a challenge is a challenge. enjoy!

14 down, 37 to go!


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