Week 15: Fanmail to 1D.

My weeks are getting busier and busier and keeping this blog going gets more difficult with each rolling week. I had  two application deadlines this weekend, and obviously I prioritise reflecting and writing about my big achievements in life to writing my blog, which again is kind of ironic, because the blog is about reflecting, too. Introduction to why my posts are being late.


Unfortunately, I do not believe that there is much to reflect on this week’s challenge. “Write fanmail to 1D” (One Direction, in case you didn’t know) was easy enough to do, I just had to sit down, write some silly words on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and send it off. I even had stamps at home, so making the effort to go to a post office was not necessary. I just realised that I should have gone to the post office and embarrass myself with my envelope filled with One Direction stickers. The looks on people’s faces would for sure be entertaining to me. Oh well, I already threw the letter in the mail box.

It is probably the best me telling you the background story of my apparent love towards One Direction. It started in Spring 2013 when my lovely friend decided to abuse my Facebook profile that I had left unattended. She was quite original and decided to click the Like button on a dozen of One Direction fan pages. She also decided that I would attend some 1D concert around the globe. This action resulted in my Dashboard being filled with pictures of the boys. To avenge myself I thought I should turn things around and started to share posts that appeared on my homepage on my friend’s timeline adding comments like “Aw. I think you are going to love this!” I spammed her for a few days. I don’t really remember where things started getting out of hand but we started acting ironically as fangirls and people started associating me with the  boys band. This resulted in friends giving me One Direction related presents. For example my boyfriend gave my a Zayn doll for my birthday. I guess the person who wrote the challenge just wanted me to express my deep admiration to them directly.


To make things clear, I don’t listen to their music. All of this was irony and us making fun, but I am not saying that liking them is a bad thing. I don’t enjoy their music in a way that I would listen to it and would consider myself a fan, but I don’t despise them. I no way do I intend to insult any real fan! I just want everyone who reads this to know. (To be fair, I do think that at least one of them is really hot.)

Now back to the fanmail. Ok. Seriously why is the autocorrect here changing “fanmail” to “fantail”… I had some One Direction stickers “lying around”, so I decided to decorate my card with their faces and hearts. Same thing with the envelope! The letter itself was me just telling them how inspiring they are to me and how their music supports me 24/7. Yes,  this is sarcasm/irony/making fun. I was asked to write a fanmail and I guess this is something a fan would write. Yes, I didn’t write much and that is maybe lame but I did not want to spend much time in that process to be honest. This morning I throw the envelope into one of the red mailboxes. This is the challenge done!


Reflection time! I can probably transfer this experience to the fact that someone shouldn’t feel embarrassed to send of a letter/email to an “idol” or someone they admire or actually to anyone. This does not only apply to bands, singers or actors. This can also be someone who is well-known in your field of interest, someone you know that works on a certain project that you are interested in.  There can be amazing opportunities out there if you just send email out to people telling them that you admire them or even asking them for ” a favour”. As I am trying to find a placement for next year, sending out emails to companies and laboratories will probably be necessary if I want to be successful. You have the best chances by addressing someone directly and tell them what you are looking for. And even if they’re not interested, they might be able to give you other contacts or tips. You really have nothing to loose by sending people emails. So maybe the fact that I just send a random fan letter to a band I don’t even listen to, will motivate me to actually send a meaningful letter to someone that matters. If you get into the habit of doing something even if it is meaningless, when the time comes that you have to that and it means something, it will be easier because you are used to it.

Challenge 15 done, 36 to go!


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