Week 17: Be happy.

“What exactly is the challenge then? Be happy it is. How does one define happiness. For some people it is success, for others the physical contact and relationships we have with other people. For my super special mega awesome best pal in the world Martin it is getting laid. But no matter how one approaches it, happiness is the tingly feeling in our belly we get whenever we have something happen that we direly want in our life. Happiness is what we strife for ultimately and it was my challenge this week to bask in this feeling. It was my challenge this week to take a moment out of my busy life and ponder about what it actually means for me to be happy. I think about a lot of things naturally as I am a nut for that. But I do not think I have ever really given a thought to what would make me happy. A lot of things actually do. 

My current situation in life actually makes me happy. I have wonderful people – friends – around me that challenge me in their own ways everyday. I learn from them and they are taught by me in return. It full fills me in the very way of human contact I need. I am engaged to a person I have been with six years and we are to be together for good. That gives me the aforementioned tingle. I am not one to be cheesy but that is undeniably something that makes me happy. Furthermore come to think of it, I am still so young, so unexperienced. No matter how much I try I have yet to discover myself and the place I want to be in. This fills me with fear as much as it does with joy. It is an adventure I am still having. Every day that I wake up it continues, every night I go to sleep it waits for me. I am in a position in my life where everything is set, yet everything is also uncertain. I am thankful for that.

Happiness is the key to a good life(yet another cheesy thing) and come to think of it, this is a challenge I could easily beat every week of my life.”

– insight to my soul by Martin (who likes to mention himself)

be happy

Now for realsies, what did I do to accomplish this challenge? I decided to run away  from my life for a weekend and visit a friend in Stirling. I really appreciate the friendship I have with this person. We have known each other for nine years and have been best friends while we shared the same classroom for four years. Unfortunately, she changed schools and we grew apart. Currently we don’t really talk to each other much, but twice a year one of us visits the other for a weekend as we are both studying in Scotland. And during those weekends we are close again like the days when we went to school together. We might not be in touch a lot but I know that whenever I need someone to talk to or someone to run away to, she will be happy to help me. And to me this is what an amazing friendship is! Yes, as Martin pointed out what makes me happy most of the times is friendship, be it friendship in form of family, love or simply a bond between two people. 

Here some food for thought. Enjoy your week!

(I decide about the rules, so even if the “guest paragraphs” are bigger than what I actually wrote, it is not cheating!)


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