Week 18: Be open to new experiences.

After last week’s confusing post, I am back on taking the full wheel of my blog. Not that I lost power to the wheel, I just liked the idea of sharing it for a bit. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

This week’s challenge is a bit…well..odd. When I first read it I was kind of bewildered. Isn’t the point of the whole 51 challenges to be open to new experiences? Why then write a card specifically for that? And yet this came to be one of the easiest cards. This gives me the opportunity to share one of the most exceptional experiences I have made in my life. I am so excited about this project and it is by far the coolest thing I have done this year and also an experience that has pushed me.


If you are reading this because you are a friend or you have been following my blog, you will probably know that my brain works best on its left side; the side that is called to be the scientific one. I have always felt most comfortable during science related classes and this was also reflected on my marks. After coming to University to do only what I enjoyed, I found myself reaching a level I did not believe I was able to achieve. And this because all the weight of my marks lied on courses I loved. Nonetheless from time to time I do like to explore the other side… of my brain… and challenge my “artistic” or “creative” features. So during my free time I try to enjoy activities that are not so much related to sciences.

Last year I joined the Swing Dance Society of our university and during the second class the fundraiser of the committee announced that they were planning on doing a play and needed new members to participate in it. As soon as I heard her speak, I was interested BUT I was reluctant to even go to the audition. I didn’t know anyone in the society (yet) and never had done anything acting related. Plus I have the tendency to mumble a lot, which is something to avoid for a play. So all the doubts started crawling up and I was actually about to give the idea up. I can’t remember what pushed me, but I realised that this was the opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and do something special. So I went and somehow I got a part. The show was great and along the process I proved myself in so many ways. I was so proud of myself! I could tell a long story on how it all went and about how I stepped in for one of the main characters last-minute and in four hours learnt the lines and a completely new routine and played two parts. However this post is not about what I did last year but what is happening now.

Due to this amazing project I got to know a lot of new people. One of them, a film student (who happens to be my best friend now (yeah it’s Martin…)), asked me over a casual coffee meet up if I wanted to be part of a film project he was planning. BIG FAST FORWARD: in September we started filming a short-film about two people who meet at the beach and how their relationship develops over the years. I am playing the female protagonist and it has been a fabulous super amazing journey. We are filming our last scene tomorrow and we are really excited to watch the end product.

Why am I sharing this now and how is this related to the challenges?  The latter part of the question is easy to answer, acting in a short film is a new experience, to which I had to be open and willing to challenge myself. And because this is sort of the result of a previous stepping out of the comfort zone thing, it is a big deal to me. It just shows how opportunities might appear if you take your chances on things that may frighten you at the beginning. If you want to do something, don’t be scared to at least try it! It might be a rejection or you might see that it is nothing for you, but then you’ll now and maybe everything turns out amazingly and you have the best time of your life! Why am I sharing this now? Well, because last Thursday Martin shared the first trailer! I reserved the challenge card for this project as it is really important to me and I really wanted to share it. And now I have the “proof”.

Here is the link to the trailer on Youtube! Please watch it and tell me what you think of it.

Challenge 18 done, 33 more to go!


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