Week 20 & Week 21: Secret Challenge & Hug a Stranger

As I am falling behind with updating my blog, this post will cover two challenges. As the title suggests one of them is secret. I have decided that I will not be describing the experiences of at least three challenges. The challenges involve things that are either tabu in our society or/and might put me in a unflattering light. I am really proud of what I have achieved with this blog, but I still want to be employable and you never know who might see what you post on the internet. So I have set a new rule to the blog: “Anything that I would not be able to tell my future mother-in-law, will not be appearing here.”  For those weeks I am planning on writing a general post about things that didn’t make it to the challenge posts.


The “public” challenge of this post is “Hug a stranger in the streets”. I guess the way I accomplished this challenge is not the way it was meant. I didn’t walk down the street and decided to hug the next person that was walking past or stood there with a Free Hug sign. I hugged Minnie Mouse in a store in Disneyland Paris. I agree this was way easier than the other options as the masked people are paid to hug and kiss people, making it less awkward. Anyway I thought I would make it count as I found it interesting to mention the fact that when in disguise some actions are easier. Distancing yourself from your identity – your appearance – somehow puts a  protective shield in front of you that makes you feel more daring. The status of anonymity allows you to speak up, to chat to strangers, to do silly things, etc. It is a natural thing and completely logic. The fear of embarrassment disappears because you know that others don’t know who you are. Many other fears are erased by hiding our identities. Is it a bad thing though? This technique has helped people and even society move forward. Or are people restricting themselves? Maybe with the habit of hiding we lose the “courage” to do things without the mask. There are two sides and everyone has to see for themselves what works best for them, but being aware of potential restriction might be helpful to move forward.

Minnie Mouse

On another note, hugs are (in normal circumstances) healthy and can  bring their own miracles. So hug away people that you know and love and if you want to be challenged go on and hug strangers!


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