Week 24: Write a short story.

This week I spent a lot of time in my car back home waiting in  car parks. As I forgot to bring my Kindle along, I decided to invest that time on my challenges. I had my notebook and some pens with me so I could scribble down some notes and ideas. I ended up accomplishing the challenge “write a short story”.


I am sorry if you already scrolled down looking for the actual story and were disappointed to find nothing. The thing is I will not put up the short story itself on here. This is out of practical reasons since the story is still hidden in my notebook and has not been typed to the computer. Also, because it is a messy first draft. But mainly because I do not wish to share the story. It became more personal than I expected  and it would just be weird to have it online.

Nonetheless, I still want to talk to you about something. That something is “waiting” or the time you spend waiting. The idea for the story occurred to me while I was waiting at the airport for my connection flight and a big part of the story actually mentions this time of your day when you are just waiting. You might be waiting for your flight, bus or train, you might be waiting for someone to show up, you might be waiting in a queue, you might be waiting for the time of your appointment, you might be actively waiting for that phone call, and the list goes on. It might not come to a surprise to you that sometimes during those “waiting periods” a lot of thoughts cross your mind. And those thoughts sometimes are profound or they provoke an idea, inspiration, a motivation. Maybe you finally sorted out your mental to do list or you figured out the problem to your dilemma or how you will set up your living room. You might daydream, come up with funny stories, with conversations with yourself.


This time is a time for you to think. During that period of time your life is sort of “on hold”, you are not waiting because you want to wait, but you are waiting for something else. You don’t go to the airport, so you can visit it, you go there to go somewhere else. And I believe that we underestimate those times. I can speak for myself that I am mostly annoyed when I have to wait. But sometimes I also discover the joy of just “being” during those times when you allow yourself to be on hold and it can be liberating.

Liberating, mostly because during that time I am actively dealing with my thoughts, They are not floating around in my head, distracting me from what I am doing and putting me into “stress”, but I evoke them as I want and analyse them and then eventually deal with them. Another thing, is that in relevance to the challenge, because I was waiting and did not have other distraction such as the internet or a book , I wrote the story.  The challenge was not done earlier because I was not taking the time to do it, so I took the opportunity of the waiting period to actively think about it, which in the end was a success (an individual success obviously.)


So the message from this post would be 3 things:
1) Enjoy the time when you are waiting and try to make the most out of it. (organising thoughts or doing some task that would not be your priority)
2) Take some time to actively think about things. (also called meditation by some people)
3) Turn other annoying things into good things!

24 down, 27 to go!


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