Week 25: Make up with…

“So this week’s challenge was to “make up with someone from the past” and let’s be real here. I am a human being and I have plenty of people that I could make up with. Not everyone always gets along and not liking someone as well as not being liked by someone is a big part of life that we have to just experience. However I am not really capable to think of a person that I would need to make up with as I never really had a fallout with someone in that way (Yes, I am perfection). However there is a person that I was thinking about in accordance to this challenge and although we never really had a fight or came to a point where we mutually disliked each other, our friendship is more or less a thing of the past and not what it used to be anymore.


Now I have been close with said person – let’s call them Patrick for easier access – for a respectable part of my life. Patrick and I considered each other best friends but through time we just lost each other. Reasons were other people, we being busy, discrepancies, etc. Honestly you could pick anything, it wouldn’t matter now. The reason was the reason and it brought us where we are. Personally I don’t think we need to make up as we both must have accepted the way our friendship is. As said before, we don’t hate each other. We honestly don’t. Or at least I know that I do not hate her. We’re just no longer as big of a part of each other’s life as we were before. And to tell you the truth that is okay with me.

Now don’t think I am a cold and bitter person. I am not. No one is. I am merely accepting what everyone should accept and that is that although some people are meant to stay, some others are meant to leave. They have guided us through a part of our life, they have made us feel a range of emotions from happiness to sadness, anger and excitement and the fact that happened is a privilege in itself. But at some point it is just time to move on. Be thankful for the memories but ultimately accept that both have changed and are no longer as compatible anymore. It doesn’t mean that ways have to be parted, it just means that the way you treat each other is less loving, less intimate and less truthful. Patrick and I are still friends, we see each other and we can still smile, say hello and engage in conversations. It’s all perfectly normal. It is just no longer what it used to be. And yes, it made me sad. It was like losing a dear person.

No, it wasn’t. It was EXACTLY like losing a dear person.

Soldier friendship

Just think of it now. Think of people that have left you or that you have left. Or people that are still somewhat a part of your life but you just feel different towards. You remember a time where they were “your person”, your best friend, your go-to station of all that weighed down on you. Initially I am sure you are sad about this but give it more of a minute to think about. Think about why you are like this now and who else has come into your life ever since then. You have moved on. You have accepted this fact and you are no longer dependant on their friendship. Someone else came along ever since then but maybe even the fire that you two kindled is slowly dying as well. It happens all the time. So many people will come into your life, leave their mark on you and say their goodbyes. What we should do instead of mourning(at least after a while) is be thankful that we had some time with them, that they made us happy for a while and gave us these memories, but ultimately move on. Life is short.  Just way too short to focus on the impact of individuals as opposed to the impact people make on us in general. There are always people who will leave, but then there’s always the few that stay. All of them are good, none of them do wrong.  They are all amazing and at least used to be to us just like we used to be to them. We have once made the decision to love them an exceptional amount but through time have discovered that we cannot love them like this for the rest of our lives. That is not a sad realisation. It’s just life.

So many people to meet.  Too many to love as much as we are capable of. And to the few we selected to let into our heart we can grow away from. They will be lost to us in time, like tears in the rain. A sad part of life indeed, but I am happy and thankful for the memories and they will stay with me for as long as I want.” 


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