Week “27”: Do not shop.

hello? Is it safe out there? Can I come out my hiding place?

It has been a very long time, I know I know. In my defence, year-long projects are hard to keep up, especially if every week is crammed with course work, other duties and the needed daily 8 hours of sleep. The month of March was super crazy and so has been April…

Anyway let’s move away from the excuses and talk about the next challenge. I am not sure what it was suppose to mean exactly, but the card says “Do not shop”. Did the person mean do not shop in term of the common “shopping”, which refers to clothes shopping? Did the person mean general shopping, meaning do not spend any money at all for a week? I am not sure. I have asked some people (two to be exact) for their opinions and they both thought the card referred to the shopping version. Well I believed that that wouldn’t be a big enough challenge, so I decided to go for the big version of not spending any money for a week.


If organised well in advance, this challenge should not be a big problem. Just plan you meal plan ahead and buy the ingredients on the day before you start the challenge. Easy right? I planned the challenge to be that way, but in reality , it just happened that I didn’t have to buy anything during a week. I was living of the food that was lying around at my mum’s house and was invited for meals by other people. So finally said: between the 12th and the 19th April I did not buy anything. (I mean as far as I remember)

I guess being forbidden to spend money for a week makes you think more about how you spend your money. It is similar to when I gave up alcohol for a month. You kind of only notice how much you consume a certain thing, when you have to give it up. What I concluded from the money challenge is that we often buy things we don’t need or actually don’t want anymore after we just bought it, so giving yourself money limits makes you think about what you buy and why you buy it. This probably sounds completely spoiled and privileged…. I know  a lot of people don’t have the choice to think about these things and faking for a week to be “poor” does not help anyone and does not even come close to what is actually is to live in restricted conditions all your life. ( I am just saying this because there was a trend where people (most celebrities) would try for a week to live on a restricted amount of money and that challenge was controversial and criticised a lot.) I do not intend to offend anyone in any way, I am just describing what I did for the challenge and what sort of message I could take from it.

Regarding the challenges:
Yes, I am far off track. I was behind on my challenges back in March and even though I set myself a plan, I failed to live by it. I don’t know if I will manage to go through all the challenges until my birthday. Either way, I am planning on completed all the challenges. If my birthday comes along and I am not finished I will just keep doing them until they are!

According to my count here, there are 24 challenges left!


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