Week 28: Sing at a Karaoke.

Last Tuesday, two people from my course and I decided to relieve some of the university stress by going to a Karaoke Bar. Coincidentally, this was also one of the challenges left to be accomplished.
Unfortunately, we did not really take picture and I don’t have a photo to prove that I did the challenge, which is a shame.
We sang quite a few songs and it was fun. I have reinforced the belief that I suck at melodies and that a lot of songs have weird lyrics. (I have an underlying problem with rhythm even though dancing is one of my hobbies.) The best thing about the night was the £1 bottled beer, what else do you need to make a Karaoke night successful?
I am a big fan of Karaoke. I have spent my teenage years going through every possible Singstar game and Singstar used to be compulsory at any of our parties! Even now when I go back home, I have a date with our old PS2 and sing a couple of songs with my sister. (Most songs being from High School Musical, but who is gonna judge me for that. I am not slightly ashamed of that!)
It was a fun challenge and relatively easy to accomplish. I can’t wait now to go back home and put the singstar on! 🙂

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