Week 29: Leave the Continent.

Another challenge to be accomplished. Technically, I have not done the challenge yet, but the plans are sorted.  As the trip is planned in August, after my birthday which is excluded from the challenge year, I decided to discuss this challenge now!
Let me start the story from the very beginning. In 2008 I went to Scandinavia with a youth organisation. We traveled through Denmark, Sweden and Norway for two weeks in Camper vans. We had 6 camper vans in total and we were about 30 people on that trip. It was one of the best trips of my life so far.
That trip was the first trip in camper vans for the organisation. During the following trip they organised other trips: Italy, UK, Spain etc. The trips are usually restrict for people between the age of 15 and 17, so I could not take part in other trips. But the organisation decided to step up and take the trip overseas. They founded a independent organisation for a trip of that type.
One Monday in October/November (can’t remember) as I was despairing because my Macbook’s keyboard decided to stop working completely, my sister messaged me about a letter I got back home. She told me that they were doing a Trip in the States and that it would be for people older than 18. She send me the letter and I went from being very upset to very excited!
Flash forward, I can now share for sure that I will be going on the trip. This wasn’t 100% sure as I had to figure my placement year out first. But as everything is sorted now I am delighted to tell you that in August for three weeks I will be driving around California and Nevada with a bunch of other people! This is the one trip that would be on my Bucket List if I had one. I am so excited for this, it is really hard for me right now not to jump up and do a silly dance. (I am currently sitting in the University’s library…)
(Me pretending to fly to America)
Anyway with this trip, I will be leaving the continent. I have never been outside of Europe, hence why someone decided to make me leave it. To be honest, I doubt I would have planned  a trip outside Europe if it wasn’t for this opportunity. To say that it was good timing is the least! Challenge accomplished (at least in theory).
Friends have asked me what I would do with this blog once the challenges are done or once my birthday has rolled over. Even though it is hard to keep up a blog, especially during busy university periods, I really enjoy this space in which I can just write some words. Not many people might read it but I enjoy this a lot. So after my birthday, I will probably keep going with this blog in a different way that I have so far and this will start with post about my road trip!
Anyway let’s continue with the adventures!
Thanks for the dear gif Martin! 🙂

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