Challenge 30: Pole dancing.

Way back during the summer, I was explaining the concept of my 51 challenges for a year concept and I also mentioned that some cards actually give me challenges with things I wanted to do but never got around to. This challenge is one of those.


Pole dancing is a sport that has become very popular over the last 5-10 years. It is now seen as a great way to exercise and get those core muscles going. Ever since the raise of this new sport, pole dance had caught my attention and I always wanted to give it a go. It just seemed like something really cool to do and obviously the exercise behind it is not to be underestimated. As someone who has never had big upper body strength, pole dancing seemed like the ultimative challenge to me. However, I never got around to do it. When I moved to my university city, I saw that there were pole dance classes offered, but I pulled it off by saying that first I wanted to become fitter. The thing is I never got really fitter to the point that I saw myself as ready to do. Over the last three years my fitness level has gone up and down, staying longer in the down bit, so the idea of pole dancing gradually moved away.

This challenge was one I was really looking forward to accomplish. Finally, I would move my ass and go try pole dancing out. Now, why did I leave it to the last month of the year I gave myself? Same reasons as mentioned before: I wanted to be fit before starting. There were other challenges that motivated me to become more active like joining a gym, go jogging and starting yoga, and the plan was to start those exercise motivating challenges and then when I felt ready to rock the pole. I would go to a class. What actually happened is that I don’t stick to plans. I need to disappoint you guys and admit that the “fitness-plan” went down the ocean. I gave up the gym in February as I wasn’t going anymore after the whole christmas and exam period. I stopped going to yoga because of some other stupid excuses and jogging was never really a part of my daily life. It started out great and I was motivated, but as it often happens motivation stops to fuel your intentions. And this time, it wasn’t only the lack of motivation but at the start of this year, I realised that I wanted to be fit for the wrong reasons and decided to just embrace who I am and to feel comfortable with my body before even wanting to change it. I was still trying to be relatively healthy, but becoming “fit” wasn’t a priority anymore. This change of mind might be seen as “failing”, “giving up”, “excuses” and “denial” to some, but I felt happier with myself than ever before and ultimately that is what I want.


Anyway, let’s jump off this train of my fitness story and get back to the challenge. I am behind with my challenges, I know. There isn’t much time left until my birthday and it is very unlikely that I will be able to accomplish all of them in the meantime. But this one was one that I absolutely wanted to do, so with my flatmate and decided to book a class.

I felt exactly the same way I felt during my first yoga class: I sucked. But I had good fun, and even if I have no upper body strength whatsoever to even hold myself up the pole, I can laugh at myself and enjoy my little failures, so it was a great experience. Whether or not I will continue doing it, is an open question, but I am glad I tried it out. Happy Melissa is happy!


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