Challenge 31: Charitable Work.

As yet again I am not 100% sure what the challenge specifically mean, I improvised my way through this challenge. I would say a accomplished it by adding two actions together.


The first action is charity related, but I would not define it as “work”, so would not feel comfortable categorising that solely as my charitable work. Shortly said I donated some belongings to a charity shop, namely clothes. Went through my stuff, threw things I didn’t need/want anymore into a bag and took the bag to the closest charity shop. I am really fond of the principle behind decluttering and truly believe that you sort of free your mind when you get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Two weeks ago, on a three hour journey ride, I spend my time reading sample of books on my Kindle app on my phone. (I had forgotten to bring any entertainment but my phone) The samples I read were all around decluttering and organising your life and I really enjoyed the ideas on how to “tidy” your life. I tried to make an effort to minimise my belongings to the things that I need, especially because I am moving to London in September and don’t really want to be moving to much stuff around. (To be honest, I still ended up keeping a lot of stuff…Baby steps still count though!) The thing that made me feel better about decluttering is that I could donate a lot of things to the charity shop. It makes me sad to throw away things into the regular bin for it to be stored on a massive pile of rubbish. I am a complete supporter of recycling and would just love for every kind rubbish to have their own special space to be used later on. (Getting sentimental about rubbish now.) Ok, driving off the main topic here! Charity. Being able to donate my clothes, books, DVDs, etc to a charity shop felt amazing, not only because I got rid of it but because in the bigger picture my “old” belongings serve a new purpose and they did not end up in a pile of rubbish. I helped with charity by taking that extra step to walk to the charity shop rather than dropping the bag into the container standing by my front door. It is as easy as  that, but it is still an extra step that more people need to be doing! There are many charities, and there are so many things you can donate! Message from this: donate the stuff you don’t need anymore and recycle all the rest!

“Hard” Volunteer Work!

The second thing, that qualifies more as “work” is that I did some volunteering for the European Student Energy Summit that was hosted at my University. I thought I could use that experience as an add-on to my charity donations, to complete the challenge even though the conference had nothing to do with charity, I still gave up my time to help people out for free. So….. just nod along, please.

In overall, the challenge was not completed for the sake of completing the challenge, but I just use those two things to accomplish the card!

End of the challenge year over very soonish… Where did this year go?


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