The Deadline of the Challenges

It is my birthday today, which on its own might be already a special day and I have been up since 7:30 already (my body does weird things) to make it the perfect day according to me. (This does include organising my desk drawers, exercising and dance! And apparently splashing a pink nail polish onto my mom’s black bathroom tiles and rugs…)

But today also marks the end of the challenge year, as I set my birthday as a deadline.

If you have paid a little attention to my blog, you will know that I didn’t manage to accomplish all 51 challenges. Is it a bummer/failure or is it okay? Well, on one hand, it is a little bit disappointing that there were still so many cards to be played. On the other hand, though, it is really tough to have one challenge every week and in between coursework, extracurricular activities and social life it is tricky to stick to a plan. Also, there were a lot of challenges to which I didn’t really have a “personal connection”, which reduced the motivation as well. I guess that doing 31 is already hard work, it just felt like I could have done more because the rates of accomplishing challenges reduces dramatically after Christmas and this perception makes it look like a “failure” (at least to me). But I am just gonna decide to be satisfied with my achievements.


The project was interesting and I did learn a lot from it and went deeper into my whole self-development path that is gonna lead me to true happiness (cheesiness intended). Alone this blog has made me think about a variety of things and taught me to follow my instincts and passions. I might only have a handful of regular readers, but this space has become one of my favourite things and I am looking forward to expand the topics of my posts now that the challenges are over.

Oh yeah, this is another thing I was gonna mention. I probably said this in a previous post already, but I will keep up with the blogging and write stories about themes that interest me, my personal life, reviews of items that I want to share etc etc. I am really excited about this and hope I will be able to post regularly.


I have survived another 365 days of my life, and as always I have changed/developed a lot. Whether or not the challenges had a big impact on it, I am not sure but it was fun to have a project and at least to some extent it has had an effect on my life. I went through some experiences that I would have not done by myself. Singing smelly cat on a stage was definitely never on my to-do list before all of this. I will probably keep the remaining cards on my mind, and maybe do the challenges on them, but for this blog the challenges have officially reached their end and this blog will from now on be more than just the reports of the challenges.

Thank you to every one who has been reading my blog so far, to my friends for writing the challenges, to my friends who helped me with challenges and a special thank you to Martin, who has helped me a lot with the project (even though his need to comment on everything gets tiring 😛 )

Challenges:  Over.


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