Dear London,

The first time we met was in the summer of 2010. I visited you for a couple of days, less than a week and got a glimpse on how you tick. I enjoyed the looks of your buildings, and how clean everything seemed, maybe this was only due to my naive glasses, but that’s the impression I got from you, London. I liked you and I wanted to come back.


So I did. I visited you a few times, explored some other bits and got to work on the details of the picture I had of you from 2010. From all the visits I kept a pleasant feeling about you and my wish to one day live in your city continued along the years and also grew.

Now, here I am in a flat in your city, London. From a short first impression, from some even shorter adventures the sat three years, I have now walked this far, and I am living in London. I guess a lot of people have this fascination about moving to London, obviously, as you do keep a fine reputation amongst the citizens of the world. May the reasons and backgrounds be different, but we are a hell lot of people sharing one common thing, living here.


I am unsure what I want to tell you, London. I have not been here for a long time and haven’t had the time to explore the area I am living in. The central bit that everyone is still quite a stretch from here, so London it still feels like we are apart. I haven’t experienced much and I can’t say that my adventures in your city have started, but I am left with some feelings. Feelings that cover the whole spectrum of colours. From purple to green, from grey to yellow, from white to black, from pink to blue, every colour is present. I am excited for the coming year but also afraid. The idea of you seems at time daunting and overwhelming. Maybe I did put the wrong expectations in this adventure.


I don’t know, London. But what I know, is that you, London, are holding the answers and that gradually over time you will lay them down and this time in a year, I will know how I feel about you and how my adventures will have been.

Kind Regards,




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