Good Evening 2015,


Yes this is another of those cheeky “happy new year” posts. I am sure you thought it would be over by now. I am sorry to disappoint you, but after so much postponing, using the excuse that it is too late is…well…another excuse. And I still wanna greet people and say “happy new year”. I want people to be happy and excited for this new year. I think we should take this to the next level and wish everyone a happy new season, a happy new month, a happy new week, a happy new day!! Alright, Alright. I know I am going too far here. But this is something I wish for myself for this new year: to be excited about the “new’s”. I wanna wake up and be excited about my day and what I can achieve in the next 16 hours (determined to get my 8-hours of sleep), instead of getting out of bed when there is just about enough time to get to work at a reasonable time, only to long for the time I will be reunited with my duvet.

Dear 2015, I am approaching you with energy and excitement. The slogan you will be carrying in my name is “Don’t worry, but be excited about the future”. Our society has been putting a lot of pressure onto our shoulders. Only last week, I was involved in two  unrelated conversations with completely different people talking about the fact that students today need to take things way more seriously, whilst back in the day it was really only about drinking and lsitening to some good rock’n’roll (I am sure this still applies to a people nowadays but it is the exception). Even though the worries are still gonna creep around my brain, I want to embrace this year and the future with excitement and truly believe that there are many many many things that I can do and that ultimately everything is going to fall into place. So cheers to less worrying and more celebrations!
Besides all the excitement, I also want to tackle this year with more “adulthood” and awareness of what is going on in the world. When I started the first proper draft (the one outside my head) of this post, I began to tell a story about how this year is already full of adventures (bad and good) for me. I stopped quickly, remembering what had happened in Paris the day before and what is still going on in the world that we aren’t even aware of because  media decides what they wanna tell us. I don’t want to swipe those issues under the carpet, just because it is easy. It is fun to think about my own personal growth and how I want to live life to the fullest, but an individual in this world, I also play a bigger role, we all do. Let’s focus on that as well and spare some time during the day to think critically about our environments, society, media and discuss matters. In this concept, I want to learn more about politics and vote during the UK election (I have registered waiting to know if I am actually allowed to), I want to expand my knowledge on feminism and actively fight with the movement, I want to learn more about other societal, climate, political issues and find my voice in all that noise.

And as a last point I want to continue to grow as a person and develop a set of skills that I can use in any kind of context to whow people and myself! Learn how to be kind to myself and stop underestimating myself and putting so much guilt and blame on me.

This are just tiny bits from my huge ongoing “resolution” list in my brain, maybe badly worded but that’s another thing I am gonna care less!
Take care!


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