Giving up snoozing for Lent.

Be it for religion or not, I see Lent as a perfect opportunity to set myself a challenge. To be honest, I wasn’t even excited about this before today and hadn’t given it much thought, but here I am so excited and ready for the next 40 days!

I was thinking of giving up chocolate and as I was saying that to my colleagues and explaining how I like to push myself and set myself challenges, one of my colleagues gave me the best idea: giving up snoozing!  I immediately had this “body stopped functioning” feeling, as I knew the challenge was perfect for me but I could feel the pain. See, I am a snooze-expert: a snoozpert. The snooze button and I are good friends. When I was using an app that would stop the snoozing at a certain time, I would just get the regular alarm clock and set that one up for the next 5 minutes – and then hit the snooze button on there. I am addicted to the snoozies. So yes, I was feeling the pain that it would cause me, but!

The sensation of this being such a good idea wouldn’t let me go, and so… I decided that I had to go for it! That for the next 40 days, the snooze button and I would have to go different ways!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 00.23.03

I will get up when my alarm clock goes off and welcome the day with a fresh and happy mind! I have recruited a small army of friends to accompany me through this period with their own challenges and to make me feel pressured to accomplish this challenge. Maybe, after easter I will never feel the urge to snooze again – it apparently only takes 21 days to make something a habit, so we will see.

What are you giving up for Lent?


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