Play-, Bucket- and a meals List – Goals for June

After a few months of taking a step back from blogging, I am back with some new fresh ideas (and yes, I changed the blog theme (again)). The initial monthly challenges that I was giving myself following the New Year’s Revolution Guide didn’t really work for me. I still consider the guide fabulous and super inspiring and I would recommend everyone to give a go at it, I just didn’t find the energy to devote myself to it.

Anyway, June has honoured us with its presence (for a few days now already) and as it is one of my two favourite months, I want to make the most out of it! I will set myself three small challenges for this month and hopefully when July hits its waves, I will be able to tick those challenges of with a sense of fulfilment!

But hang in there for a second, first I want to give you a little taste of what I have been up to the last few months! Here comes a list of random activities: tried flying trapeze, visited Prague, became vegetarian, stopped snoozing (for real), got grilled during a presentation, wrote a reflective essay, pet a random dog, dyed a strain of hair pink, booked some summery active holidays, got inspired by Disney’s Tomorrowland, started playing football at work, organised a science event involving high school students, ate lots of pizza, experienced BFI’s IMAX 3D, became the president of the Swing Dance Society at my university, watched Les Miserables (the show not movie), started taking voice coach lessons, got very tipsy and spontaneously traveled to my partner’s place at 10pm and had to commute for two hours to get to work the next day, chased a sunset, voted for a referendum, killed some cells, went to Brighton to “absorb” the sea, and lots more…

My three goals for June:

1) Make a list of meals that I know and organise an effective meal plan

Alright this might seem really random, but it absolutely makes sense for me and it is what I need to get sorted as soon as possible! My cooking/eating habits are awful, the first one (cooking) being pretty much non-existent at the moment. Conveniently, I started eating lunch at the canteen at work and the time I spend in the kitchen has dramatically decreased. If you were to ask me what I had for dinner tonight, I wouldn’t know… or I would eventually admit that I ate three oranges, two plain wraps and some jam. It is bad and the time has come for me to take action upon it! The plan is to write down a list of meals that I like and know how to make and note what ingredients are required for each meal. From this list, I expect myself to then efficiently schedule a weekly meal plan every week and write a grocery list. Having the list to look at will facilitate the task. I have been meaning to do this for ages, so I am just going to put this down as a challenge and freaking do it!

2) Make a Bucket List

This one is maybe slightly less random. I know tons of people have these, some have them in their minds, some have them written down. I am not sure why, but I was never a big fan of bucket lists. I think I gave up on the idea years ago, because I thought that realistically thinking I would probably never do that awesome trip around California, Nevada, etc. But then it happened. I had the opportunity to go on that once in a lifetime trip and I kicked my old self in the ass. Being a fan of aims, goals, challenges, you name it, a Bucket List just fits in the picture and I now genuinely think that those lists are a nice concept! Again, as I would never make myself sit down to make the list, I am making this a June goal! First item on my Bucket List: Make a Bucket List!

3) Make a kick-ass playlist 

I have felt disconnected to music for a couple of years. During the last year though, I have found refuge in playlists on (too cool to use Spotify). Especially in the morning or when I am feeling down, having a good playlist on, just makes everything so much easier. This is no secret, I know. Instead of selecting random playlists, I want to make my own playlist that I can always refer to when I need it and add some satisfaction feeling to the mix because it is my own playlist that I am listening to!

If you have any suggestions for all three lists, don’t hesitate to throw them at me! 🙂


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