51Cards. Edition 2. HERE WE GO!

Two years ago, on my birthday I asked my friends to write down challenges for me on a card deck (that aspect was to satisfy the artistic side of me) that I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday. Back then I felt like I was missing out on my life and I kept regretting not doing stuff. Time goes by so quickly and I am left thinking that I am not doing enough with my life. Additionally, after getting more into the whole self-help section of the internet and actually my bookstore, I was on a mission to develop myself further. So I wanted to have a concrete list of things that I wanted to do and achieve throughout the year (starting with my birthday), something similar to a bucket list, but I also wanted it to be challenging.

I went ahead and started making my list and soon became aware that my brain was putting a filter on the things I was writing down, meaning that I was withholding stuff on purpose. And that’s why and then decided that I should ask my friends to come up with random challenges and so they did! And a whole 51 of them! One for every week until my birthday? You might be wondering why my year doesn’t have 52 weeks… well, I celebrated my birthday a week later, so there were only 51 weeks left until my next one. Anyway, my 51 challenges project was born and I was really excited!

A year later (and 31 challenges later), when my birthday approached I concluded the project and albeit I had still lots of challenges unaccomplished, I was really happy with the whole concept.

And this brings me to NOW. A year after I stopped my project. A year after not having to think of playing cards (see what I did there? :P) And after a year of really unorganised blog posts! I missed the project and a the purpose of my blog and so I decided to go for ROUND 2. (My sister did comment on the fact that I didn’t even finish round 1…)

Same deal as before, I asked my friends for challenges, wrote them down on cards and I am aiming to play one card every week! I have also written some challenges myself as there are things that I simply need to get done with! So yeah, that’s what I have to say for this post! Stay tuned for Challenge 1! 🙂

Melissa OUT!


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