Week 1: Ask people to submit challenges

Out of comfort zone level:

easy peasy / meeh  / oh noooooooo / sh** f*** argh

Lesson I learnt :

UntitledDo you ever get that feeling when you are really excited about an idea or a project, but then shortly you shake it off thinking it is “stupid”? I go through that phase with probably 99% of my ideas.

When I first came up with the idea of this project and about how I was going to ask my friends to write the challenges, it took me some balls to actually go through with it. I was pretty embarrassed and ashamed they would think the whole concept was stupid or laugh at me for trying to actively make myself grow and all that self-development jazz. But I did it.

For the second edition I wanted to broaden the crowd of people that would submit challenges and again I was scared to ask people. One second I was excited and I would think “of course, they are going to think this is cool!” and the next second I would think something like “meeeeh, it’s stupid, don’t bother them”.

So I made this a challenge and send a link to some friends where they could submit challenges. Some of them new about my challenge project from two years ago and my blog – these people were excited to be part of it, other didn’t know about it but they feedback was all positive. You definitely have more to lose when you don’t share an idea then when you do! So from now on if there is a seed in my head, I want to make sure to water it!

Week 1 done, 50 to go!


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