Play-, Bucket- and a meals List – Goals for June

After a few months of taking a step back from blogging, I am back with some new fresh ideas (and yes, I changed the blog theme (again)). The initial monthly challenges that I was giving myself following the New Year’s Revolution Guide didn’t really work for me. I still consider the guide fabulous and super inspiring … More Play-, Bucket- and a meals List – Goals for June

Give yourself the credit you deserve!

For the past month, there has been an ongoing conversation about self-doubt/hatred [insert all the other negative expressions] in our flat.The conversation is spread onto two strains: 1) People accepting bullshit/toxicity from other people and 2) people not giving themselves value and credit. I slightly discussed the first point in one of my previous posts … More Give yourself the credit you deserve!

Good Evening 2015,

Yes this is another of those cheeky “happy new year” posts. I am sure you thought it would be over by now. I am sorry to disappoint you, but after so much postponing, using the excuse that it is too late is…well…another excuse. And I still wanna greet people and say “happy new year”. I … More Good Evening 2015,